Something like Gill Sans, but not quite...

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I'm trying to match the numbers shown in the attachment... I got the file from another designer but the numbers were already outlined.

The overall letterforms of Gill Sans are a close match but they're not perfect. The original numbers are a bit wider. And most noticeably, the "1" in the original has a slant at the top and Gill Sans has a vertical line with no embellishment.

Please take a look at the attachment and let me know if the original is even Gill Sans at all. The original is in white, my additions with Gill Sans MT are on the inside in gray.

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it does seem like Gill Sans to me. I don't see any discernable difference between the Monotype, Adobe and Linotype versions. Gill Sans Display does have a tail for the 1. might be a mix, or using some alternate characters.

i also see that the 0 seems different in the original at the bottom. strange.

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Thanks! I checked Gill Sans Display and although the "1" does have a tail, it's shorter. After looking at many, many options and repeatedly stumping What The Font and WhatFontIs I'm pretty sure it's a mix of similar Humanist typefaces or uses some customization.

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Indeed, I checked another file and found the number "180" in non-outlined type.

The "1" is Frutiger (Linotype), the "80" is Gill Sans Std.

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that's just crazy talk :)

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