Lucca: lovely humanist sans

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Hi Folks,

I just released my first font in MyFonts. It's a text sans. If it makes success, I'll make a Cyrilic. Hope you like it! Here is a description:

Inspired by Italian Renaissance fonts like Poliphilus, Blado, Centaur and Arrighi, Lucca presents a simple charm and a powerful classic feel. It is cute, friendly, clear and superbly readable.

Its low contrast provides Lucca a firm yet flexible substance, making it sensual and enticing. There’s a certain degree of abstraction in the precise endings, and the whole design was made to survive even in the harshest conditions, conserving its readability and beauty.

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Love the arches in the Italic!

Congrats, and best of luck with it.


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Thank you, Hrant!
Hey, it's just like that 'u' you were looking for! haha

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Congratulations on an absolutely wonderful typeface. I love the letterforms! (Although, the cant of the 5 seems a bit awkward.) I hope it does well for you. (Wish I could afford it!)

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