Matching new font to old logo

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I would like some suggestions and advice of what to keep in mind when choosing a new font for company that goes with an old logo.

My company is changing its website, and wants to keep its existing logo, but change the font that goes with it. The logo is square, has three parts and is brown and blue.

My existing font on website is Eurostyle Extended, on existing letterhead I don't know what it is, but is different on all marketing tools like visiting card, letterhead etc.

Hence to freeze on one font, how should I go about picking one? Our band roughly stands for innovation, young and dynamic staff, agriculture and biotechnology related business.

I personally like Calibri, but not sure if it goes.


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Avoid Calibri, since anybody can use it, so it's not at all brandable. Try this:


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Thanks hrant, that was good advice.

I liked days one and amaranth which are on google webfonts, I know its common, but still

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Scratch that, too informal

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You could try Scout or Flama

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