"Hot Metal Ascii Art"

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It occurs to me - I don't know if there is a more proper, chronologically consistent, name for these... composited-typographic-art-pieces. Any help?

See page 99 of Caslon's 1785 specimen, here: http://opentype.info/blog/2008/02/18/type-specimen

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Well, they’re not hot metal in the usual sense: that term normally applies to slugs cast on Linotype/Monotype/Ludlow machines.

And they have nothing to do with ASCII art. Generally speaking, “cuts” (the illustrations and/or decorative elements you see in these specimen books) were cast from stereotypes (otherwise known as “matrices,” or “mats”), and mounted on wood bases.

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Helpful as always. Thanks so much.

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Awesome specimen books linkage thanks! Some "Cuts" must be highly collectable(?)

Not knowing anything about all of that I found this article on stereotype printing very informative...



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