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Any advice on the best way to start a logo design business? I'm not shooting for anything big (right now), just looking to target smaller local businesses--so that I can build a portfolio in order to work with larger ventures.


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Even with small companies/clients you will still need a portfolio to show what you can do.
I would suggest doing work in your neighborhood. As folks may not be able to trust your skills (as you can not show them a lot of past work), they will know you as a neighbor with certain personal qualities, trustworthiness and perhaps even a recommendation from a mutual associates. At this stage pro-bono work doesn't hurt. Get that portfolio filled up. Also it is a good idea to document your work.
Keep a journal and write down all the issues at hand with a job, the clients's budget, the time frames, challenges, intended audience. Keep sketches and all files related to the process. You can use this later to do "case" studies. These days a client may become just as confident in your skills by seeing why you created 10 jobs a certain way (wioth documentation) vs. the final result of 50 jobs without any reasons given. Also never underestimate the value of a nice portfolio case. Consider Pina Zangora, Lost Luggage, Shrapnel or Prat or a sweet case.

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The best way to get started is create some eye catching logos that work for the specified client. It doesn't matter how big the client is; what's important is how hard your work hits the nail on the head. Then create a PDF portfolio of your logo work. Circulate it online by targeting small companies that have amateurish logos--business types frequently don't know how to approach the issue. A good hook is a temporary special offer; flat fee for logo, business card, letterhead and envelope. Remember, though, your logo develops equity with time, so don't sell yourself short. You will only get to bill for it once, so make sure you are fair to yourself. More about this on my website under articles; "Entrepreneur's First Choices . . ." this article provides some selling tips you may be able to use. Don't limit yourself by region; the world is your marketplace now.
Good luck.
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