Can you tell me what font is that exactly?

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Hello, I need to know what Font is this...

WhatFont said it is Arial Bold, while Fount said it's Helvetica, I know that they are almost the same, but I think it's none of them...

Can anybody tell me wht fontis that?

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WhatFont said it is Arial Bold, while Fount said it's Helvetica

Probably because texts are embedded as graphics and not as web fonts. For the rest, it's hard to tell which font it could be for such a small rendering. What's the sample origin website? Could be easier with more samples, larger or code.

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it's the menu at the top right on this site.

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OK. I can't tell it for sure but they're using Arial, Gill Sans and Calibri everywhere else. Knowing this, one of them could also have been used for the menu. Knowing this, I'm going for Gill Sans.

EDIT: that's definitely NOT Gill Sans, nothing's really matching even considering the small rendering... I'm clueless at the moment. Reminds me of Neutraface (/E and /A low crossbars) but I really doubt it could be it...

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Thanks I tried it... it's not :(

Still looking people...

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Could it be Avenir Light?

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