can this logo be saved?

I Currently work for a company that asked me to update their logo, number one reason for it that current logo is not very readable.

Since current logo been used for a few years now, I would like to preserve some of it's qualities such as overlapping letters and an "i" tittle at the end. Original logo is a heavily squished Arial.

I am having seconds thoughts regarding this direction, and considering designing a brand new logo. I understand that attached still need polishing, but would like to hear your thoughts.


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Yes -- there is hope. I can envision some possible solutions. You've improved the readability, but you've also introduced some optical challenges. Perhaps the key lies in finding a natural connection between the letterforms. If I by any chance can be of help, feel free to contact me via my profile.

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Like Frode said, it's more readable but the connections are a challenge. It looks odd that 3 letters are connected and 1 isn't.

Maybe you could show an updated version and also some brand new logo concepts.

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I see, thanks for the input. Ill try to open up the connections a bit, and produce alternative versions.

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Oef this is ugly.

I suggest you draw something that feels right first before you move on to a digital execution.

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I have created a new version, that is similar in weight of the characters of the original...
Any suggestions are welcome. (I'm not sure of the execution of the "S")

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Attaching the image would greatly simplify the task of providing a feedback ;)

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Please see attached. Maybe there was a a page rendering issue, as I can see image embedded into message above via flickr link

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Oh, sorry, my bad.

FWIW, I think the T needs to be a bit wider to balance out the width of O. Alternatively, the O could be made narrower, but then its squarish shape really stands out and in a good way, so I'd adjust the rest to play along with it and not the other way around. Overall though, I think it's a great improvement over a cluttered mess of the current logo.

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This is pretty much final, or very close to it.
Any suggestions recommendations are welcome.

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FWIW I think it's a great improvement over the original. It's really good.

The O still dominates the wordmark, to a much lesser degree than before, but it does look bigger (wider) and heavier than the rest of the letters.

I would also explore an option of rounding T's and I's corners a bit, because of SO looks very smooth and it's in a contrast with the straights and straight corners of the T and I.

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To make this logo an "evolution" it should have at least something reminiscent of the old logo. As much as I like the latest type-only-no-tweaks logo I suppose it would benefit from a little detail.

What I would suggest you to try is to cut the top part of /I/ to create a dot (just as high at the top bar of /T/ is) and position the dot to the right at the same vertical level and as much to the right as /T/ is from /I/. If that will be too far, you will maybe have to kern /TI/ pair to make it look harmonious. I think that would make the "lovable" part of this logo.

Otherwise I really like these letter shapes. Nice, bit poetic but still strong and with character. Nice choice. But about letter shapes. /O/ would benefit from some lighting. It feels heavier than other letters. So you either adjust the weight of other three letters or adjust the /O/ to have the same weight.

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Thank you all so much for your comments, your feedback has been great and of much help.
I have done some more work, and below are the latest versions.

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The one with the tittle definitly makes it more of a unique brand,

Overall I like it. Maybe you can have another look at the stroke widths. I think the thicks could be a hair thinner.

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