H&J in CJK typography

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I'm currently trying to figure out whether H&J works with the CJK composer in Adobe InDesign. I have the Chinese version of InDesign CS6, it seems quite problematic when I try to layout CJK text which has a few words in English inside; wondering if H&J in CJK typography is supported by InDesign at all?!

I understand CJK composer works quite differently in InDesign — it uses the monospaced character grid system to place the glyphs. The spacing between Chinese characters (Kanji) cannot be less than zero, and the space between Chinese characters and punctuation marks & Latin letters are done by Mojikumi (compressing the punctuation marks) instead of kerning. And when set justified, you wouldn't see any *kerning* value of specific glyphs even if their location is shifted/changed for optimal spacing, as opposed to the default Adobe paragraph/single line composer where in the character panel these kerning values are shown/indicated.

Does anyone on this forum have any idea as to this issue? I appreciate any kind of suggestion and sources of information; and if the above definition is accurate.

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