Serif fonts with R leg below baseline

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For an identity project, I am looking for serif fonts in which the leg of the cap R drops below the baseline. Can anyone please make a recommendation? I have the ability to extend it further, if needed, and this needs to be more exaggerated than normal. Thanks a lot.

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Quadraat might be a good place to start.

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Dolly also has this (not quite as much as Quadraat). To a lesser extent, so do Doves type, Trinite, Sina, Livory, and Brisio.

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Yana, Brioso, Poetica, Requiem (sort of), Waters Titling — maybe your best bet

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Not in the same style, but I immediately thought of this
with an "R" that's asking to be extended!


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I imagine you're looking for something less weird, but in case it's useful my Ambicase fonts have alternate Rs that descend.

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Thanks, everyone for the great picks, and for the inspiration!

Kind regards,

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