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M school typography project; comparing the typefaces in the top 25 + busiest airports.
(One middle row of 2 letter A's, side by side or even overlapping to show a comparison from all the found airport typefaces)
I have not been able to find what I need, but here is what I have found- Please feel free to fill in the blanks, edit my complete project idea or correct an incorrect typeface for an airport. (They are not in the order of busiest to least here)
And just out of Curiosity, anyone know what Russia's Airport typeface would be?
Thanks in advance for any help on this, I think I officially exhausted google.
Atatürk International Airport(Turkey)?
Atlanta Airport ?
Laguardia- Helvetica
Pheonix- Helvetica
San fran- Myriad
Aukland- Frutiger
Amsterdam- Avenir
Berlin-FF Transit
Charles De Gaul-Fruitiger
Charlotte Douglas International Airport (North Carolina)
Check lap, Hong Kong -Avenir
Dallas fort Worth- Avenir
Denver International-
Düsseldorf International Airport-
Dubai- Frutiger ?
Frankfurt- Universe
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (China)-?
George Bush Intercontinental Airport- (Houston Texas)-?
Helsinki finland - Helvetica
Kefavik- Dtl Argo
Kuala lampor--Fruitger
Madrid Barajas Airport (Spain)-?
McCarran International Airport- Las Vegas
Millan Helvetica
Miami International Airport-?
Munich- Vialog
Ohare - Chicago international ?
Rio De Janiero- FF Meta
Rotterndam- Frutiger
Shipol -Frutiger
Suvarnabhumi Airport (Thailand)-?
Tacloban International AirportTacloban,Leyte, Philippines?
Tokyo International Airport- ?
Vancouver Bc -FF Meta
Vienna- Fedra sans
Warsaw Chopin Airport- Poland-Drogowskaz
Zurich-ff Meta

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Cool project.
I just don't get the "row of As" bit - could you explain?



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Shouldn't it be fairly straightfoward just to google images of the signage and go from there? (Or maybe that's what you've done? In which case, cool.) Just trying one: (Singapore – Frutiger)

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Salvador de Bahía, Brasil --> Lobster :)

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Copenhagen — from my recollection in 2006, was Frutiger

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