Mystery Metal Type

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Anyone have any ideas? Larger image attached.

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anyone know what the M&R is at the bottom of each letter? i'm not well educated on metal type.

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Must be Miller & Richard.
That second ampersand is very Goudy.


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i thought the whole thing was rather Goudy. I know i've seen that "g" before.

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Might be Goudy National…

Scratch that: the lowercase /a is very close, but that's about it…

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Thanks for the feedback thus far. Nick Sherman has a Miller & Richard specimen book, so I've asked him to have a look to see if he can find it, but if anyone else has any ideas, please let me know...

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Found it in an undated Miller & Richards catalog from the University of California collection, digitized by Microsoft. Good luck finding a digital version: the original typeface was named Trajan (pp. 317 et seq.). Go figure...

Note: the specimen book doesn't show an ampersand for the Roman, but it does for the Bold weight, and the design matches the second ampersand shown.

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Thanks Nick, much appreciated. Any chance you could post a link to the page, or a JPG/PDF?

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This appears to be the same book; Trajan specimens start on page 317…

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Wonderful, thanks Nick.

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Giving the embedded viewer a try:

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