Shifted baseline in MS Word form

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A client recently reported a problem with my font: in a particular form element in an MS Word template, an odd baseline shift occurs as shown in the picture below (with Arial working fine as shown). I'd be grateful for any ideas what could be causing this. Thanks!


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Another dumb question: are the Font Metrics (particularly ascender and descender values) identical for the roman and bold weights?

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MS Word for Mac?

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For Mac? Possibly, didn't say. I think they have both machines. I'll ask.
Nick, I thought they were. They had a problem with vertical metrics in Word before, I fixed it, and they were happy ... until now, months later. So maybe David is right and it is a Windows-vs-Mac issue. I'll look into it. Thanks for your input, both of you.

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The screenshots don’t look Mac-like. Word 2003 on Windows would be my guess.

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I have a similar problem.
Nearly always, when I BOLD some Arial text in Microsoft Word, the text jumps a point or two higher than the baseline. I am using Word 2007 with Windows XP Professional. Our IT man, who uses Word 2010 on Windows 7, has the same problem using Arial text in Word.

I'd prefer not to switch to another font, because Arial has a nice high x-height and is very easy to read. Can you advise?

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Arial is not easy to read (I mean for long text - for short text almost anything is easy to read). Arial is also ugly, and too pedestrian. Switch as soon as you can manage.


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Sebastian: A client recently reported a problem with my font [...]
Alternatively your client could give Adobe Minion a try?


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