Hudson's Bay new wordmark/logo

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Looks similar to Engraver's Roman but customized, e.g. S has no serifs.
Any other fonts that are close?


Further info in March 6, 2013 report at:

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it looks a bit like Walbaum, sqooshed down. excepting the A.

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Attached is the phrase HUDSON'S BAY in WalbaumMT expanded by 134%, i.e. so that the width to height ratio of capital O matches Engraver's RomanBT. Not quite right. But when it is expanded 155%, i.e. so that the width to height ratio of capital S matches, it's pretty close.

With some letter to letter adjustments, and minor changes to the serif design and the top left stroke extension for A [and probably for M & N], Walbaum could work as a font approximation of this wordmark. Can't use it for anything unless I start from my own Walbaum digitized from an old time print specimen and use a new trade name.


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