Finding a similar typeface to a custom font, streetsignage

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So, this is a custom face made by Yokoland, based on streetnames in Oslo. I'm looking for something as close as possible available for purchase. Anyone?

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It’s quite possibly based on this DIN type

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Thank you! Close enough :) Still miss the quirky bauhaus-esque lowecase b but I'll settle. Thanks again.

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An interesting alternative would be Preussische IV 44 Ausgabe 3 by Peter Ziegel, and, as previously suggested by J Weltin, "This Font was used before DIN 1451 was created from this in 1923. It was used for railroad in Prussia". Another option is DIN Engschrift Austria D, very close too, the main big differences are /R and /S.
Last one, same day, few hours later, another related discussion on "typefaces used on railway stations across Europe":

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