Futura and Avant Garde together

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Dear all

I've recently had to use Avant Garde as a headline font (body Myriad) with a logo composed of 3 lower case Futura letters within a geometric shape.

Im dead against it frankly as

1 Avant Garde isnt a pretty sight for me
2 Two kind of similar geometric shaped fonts that are kind of the same, look plain wrong together.

Any thoughts?



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You have good reason to be against it; both of your points on right on target.

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I agree on point 2.

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Point 2 is, in fact, a very generally accepted typographic principle.

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I’m wary of general principles—typography is a practical discipline.
You never know what will work till you try it or see it, and good typography often breaks the rules.
From 1938, presaging today’s Stylistic Sets:

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