Modak Font by WhiteCrow Designs

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Modak is a heavy Devanagari typeface. Playful, chubby, soft looking but having some sharp corners. This font will be available soon with all require features. Pls give feedback. Thanks

Modak - Font by WhiteCrow Design 2013.png25.63 KB
Modak Font by WhiteCrow Design 2013.png18.49 KB
Modak -- Font by WhiteCrow Design 2013.png48.87 KB
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I can't judge its functionality, but to me it looks great!

Does the second image say "Lego"? :-)

BTW is there a Latin? Maybe you can match it with Klimax, or Sutturah.


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Thanks Hrant. Surely it will be functional. Second image is LOGO (means people in Hindi). It has given a Lego treatment. The Latin Modak will be available soon along with Devanagari :)

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As Hrant I can't judge the legibility, but, the shapes do look awesome.
There should be more type like this for non latin-languages!


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Thanks ferfolio, Devanagari will be surely readable. I received good response from local people (regular Devanagari readers).

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