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Im trying to find a high quality hand script font similar to the two images Im posting.

I have tried several options but some of them have elaborated cursives that make phrases hard to read.

Thanks for your help!

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Tiza for me conviene

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I like Caflisch Script, but maybe not close enough.

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Thank you guys! 'Me conviene' is in fact done with Tiza... I like the flow it has.. unfortunately once downloaded I realized it has kind of a chalk effect. So I'm still looking for a cleaner option more like the American Standard logo.
By the way Caflish is really nice and close to that, if I don't find the exact match I'll be using that.

Thanks again!

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Tiza: since it's been such a short time see if MyFonts will refund you, since their preview didn't show the chalk effect (at least I'm not seeing it).


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The effect can be seen easily in the pdf sample and, if you click on a glyph image on the 'glyphs' page. Does 'caveat emptor' apply here, or shouldn't the initial samples be much clearer? - Herb

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