Solveig and Newt Serif now on MyFonts

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Today my fonts Newt Serif and Solveig (previously only on Veer) are now available on MyFonts. I'm excited to have them out now on the biggest font repository around, for everyone to see. I hope they do well in their new environment. To celebrate the move (and, no secret, to try to kick-start them onto the bestseller list), I'm holding an 87½ percent off sale (they're 1/8 the price). That puts these fonts squarely in the reach of casual font enthusiasts who can't afford to buy a font at design-firm-geared prices just to use for their own purposes. If that describes you — or, in fact, even if it doesn't — hurry over to MyFonts for these two fonts. Thanks, and I hope you like them!


Newt Serif

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(P.S.: It might take MyFonts until sometime during the day Saturday, or possibly Monday, to put the sale into effect.)

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Nathanael, it’s really great to your work getting wider distribution — finally.

Newt Serif is still one of my favourite typefaces ever.

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