An open Type Unicode based Nastlique Font Project "Mher Nastalique"

Salam to All,

First of all I will Introduce myself. My Name is Muhmmad Zeeshan Nasar,I m a student at ICMAP Lahore, doing ACMA. Moreover I am also working on a project of a "Urdu Nastaleque Font" named "Mher Nastaleque Font" which is consist of my Father's "Nasrullah Mher" Calligraphy, who is a famous and Internationally award holder (In Urdu Nastalique) calligrapher of Pakistan.

Our Font is Open Type Character Based Unicode Font...consisting of about 900 characters and some ligatures.

Salient Features of This Font:.
* This font is 100% correct According to International Standards of Urdu Nastalique Calligraphy.
* This is character Based Open type Unicode Font, For Desktop and Web Publishing.
* Kasheeda (Tatweel) Feature is also available in this font!
* And so many others feautres!

Here you can see the Templates of this Font...!

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is this a commercial font? How one can get it?

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Well done + Congratulations!
Please do us a favor and upload vector-pdf sample.

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السلام عليكم

بهترين فونٹ.

يھ فونٹ كس طرح دستياب هو سكتے هيں اس پر كچھ روشني ڈاليں تو بهتر هوگا.


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ماشاء اللہ بہت کی خوبصورت فونٹ ہے۔ کب ریلیز ہو رہا ہے ضرور بتائیں

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Dear mzishannasar ,

Actually nice font, but can I suggest you to change the shape of "Dot"/"nogta" as below:


Ali Moshref

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Indeed. The dots stand out.
Anyway, I would strongly recommend new design of the numerals. The currently existing stand out (once again) too much - formally, aesthetically and ideologically - from the rest of the project. In short: they don't fit into your Father's calligraphy, they destroy it. Take a look at Renaissance numerals, maybe at Garamond...

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Thanks Dear Atif Gulzar! This font is in a development phase till now. And we want to commercialize this font!

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Dear Aziz Mustafa. Thanks for appreciation. I will share a pdf sample of my font shortly!

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وعلیکم السلام
معز بھائی۔۔۔اور تسنیم احمد بھائی
یہ فونٹ ابھی تکمیل کے مراحل میں ہے انشاء اللہ جلد ہی یہ فونٹ ریلیز کے قابل ہو جائے گا۔۔!
آپ کی دعاؤں و نیک تمناؤں کا طلبگار ہوں۔

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Dear Ali Moshref!
First of all I am grateful to you liking my work.
As for as the style of dot/Nuqta is concern I think the style shown by you in picture is actually a Shikasta Style not a Nastlique Style.

My father is Internationally award holder calligrapher in Nastalique type of Calligraphy. So, He knows very well that which type of dot is used in Nastalique font.

even then I will discuss this matter with my father...!
Thanks again...!

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Here are some more samples of Mher nastaliq.

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Here are some latest samples of Mher nastaliq.

Here are some samples according to "Moraqa Zareen"

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Your comments and suggessions regarding my work will be welcomed

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Overall texture of the font seems pretty good compared to other urdu fonts. How did you handle kernings and collisions between dots and letter shapes?
Good work :)

PS: Your photos are too high in resolution and they run out of the browser window, why don't you upload password protected PDFs so anyone could take a deeper look on your work?

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Brother its a wonderful font. Is it out for download yet??

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Very nice font. I like it .

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salam ...........font kaisy mil sakty hain

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Dear Zeeshan Nasar! Willing to exchange the latest samples of Mher nastaliq in vector-pdf for a copy of QalamBartar ?

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