Pasting Text into Metrics Windows Sometimes Turns into Chinese

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It's weird. It doesn't happen all the time but enough to be really frustrating. When I paste a string of latin text into the metrics window, about 30% of the time that text will paste in as a string of chinese text instead.

I am using FL 5.1.2 on a mac running OS 10.6.8. This never happened in the older FL version.

Does this happen to anybody else? Can I make it stop??

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where did you copy the text from when this happens? was it utf-8?

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My guess is that you are pasting 8-bit encoded text into a 16-bit environment. Hence each sequence of two single byte character codes are being interpreted as one double byte code, which happens to result in Chinese characters.

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This kind of thing is typical of utf-8 text being read as if it were utf-16. I don't know why it would happen, but see if there is any difference between copying from TextEdit and Word, for example.

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In this case, I was copying a glyph (solidus) from the metrics window itself to paste between a couple figures. But it happens occasionally when I copy a name from the glyph properties pallet too.

I will try a few experiments with word and textedit.

It only happens sporadically. Some days worse than others.

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This was a know bug. I experienced it continually pasting text into the font header. Upgrade to FL 5.1.3 build 4692 and the problem goes away.

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