Classic Font ID

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Can anyone tell me what classic looking font is used in this image?

Also, if anyone can suggest any similar fonts then that would also be good to know.


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It looks quite similar to this one:

Is it the same font? If not then this one would also be good to identify.


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could be a customised version of 'neutraface'? Designed by Christian Schwartz.

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For the first one, they said it's custom:

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@farong Good spot. I think that's been about the closest I've come across. It's given me something to start from in looking for similar fonts too. Cantilever seems to be a match. Thanks!

@Ryuk Ah ha! So it is! I didn't realise someone asked a similar question so recently. That's good to know, thanks. I think @farong was right in it being a customised version of—or at least heavily based on—Neutraface. It's a fantastic font.

For anyone else looking for similar alternatives:

- Futura
- Relay
- Nobel
- Kabel

Are all fairly similar geometric fonts but not quite as nice as Neutraface in my opinion. In addition, Brandon Grotesque is also very nice but a bit softer.

Thanks guys.

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