(x) Martha Stewart Living - script face designed by Tobias Frere-Jones {Jonathan Hoefler}

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"any idea who does the type for Martha Stewart Living
(other than hoefler)? trying to find a face used in one of the issues..."

Font Bureau did a few faces for Martha including Benton Gothic and
Welo Script, a beautiful thing. Sadly, FB has removed their custom type
pages since the redesign on their site and I couldn't find a google
cache for them.

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Why did they do that?! Isn't there more money in
custom type than in retail? Sure, people looking
for custom type aren't going to be drawn through
a website, but word-of-mouth is huge, come on!

BTW, I've recently seen Seria Sans used
in some Conde Nast publication, but now
I can't remember which.


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>"trying to find a face used in one of the issues..."

What page, which element, which issue. . .?

-- K.

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tis a drag that i can't see examples of the faces.

thanks for the replies...

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the type sample comes from this months issue i believe... this is what the client gave me...

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That's a script face designed by Tobias Frere-Jones. Keep your eye on typography.com for news of it.

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