Crostata Bella Cucina packaging typefaces

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Need help with identifying the typefaces used on this products packaging for a class assignment. Thank you!

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"Net Weight" & "Bella Cucina..." must be Bodoni Classic Chancery by Gert Wiescher (1993)

"SWEET BUTTER..." is too small to be sure but it could be Copperplate Gothic

I can't find something close to "CROSTATA"

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thank you so much! i'm pretty sure i found the "crostata" typeface. it's Greco Adornado.

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I'm not much help, but believe Greco-Adornado from Lazy Dog Foundry has many similarities, but there are differences in most of the serifs compared to your sample. For instance, the /A has a left "arm" on the serif and a flat apex, whereas your sample has no serif and is pointed.

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It's definitely not Greco Adornado. More likely, it's derived from a typeface originally called Georgian Caps. A more detailed version of same can be found here...

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