Font Name Pronunciation

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I fear I don't know how to pronounce the names of some fonts.

Kabel in particular at the moment.

Does anyone have a link or suggestions? I assume there are accepted variances based on where you are.

Thanks in advance.

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I'd have to guess KAH-bl, based on the German origins. But I'm sure that it would answer to KAY-bl as well.

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Raph is correct, regarding the proper pronunciation of Kabel.

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Dan is not, however, regarding the proper spelling of Raph.

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That's what happens when your alphabet contains a stick pretending to be a letter.


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Ahh, corrected! Sorry about that; I'm really bad at that sort of thing

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Actually, my type Beaufort is correctly pronounced Bewfuhd :-)

Here are a few other "Brit" names after which I've been tempted to name a typeface:

Auchinlech: Afflek
Beaulieu: Bewley
Beauchamp: Beech'm
Belvoir: Beaver
Caius: Keeys
Cholmondeley: Chumley
Colquhoon: Cahoon
Featherstonehaugh: Fanshaw
Gateacre: Gatackuh
Happisburg: Haysbruh
Le Fanu: Leff-new
Magdalene: Maudlin
Marjoribanks: Marchbanks
Marylebone: Mairburn
Ruthven: Riven
St John: Sin-jen
Wavertree: Wawtry
Wemyss: Wemz or Weemz
Woolfhardisworthy: Woolsery
Worcestershire: Woostershuh
Wymondham: Windum

and of course
Bucket: Bouquet

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With a couple of exceptions, these are limited to the English upper classes.
The only ones of those your likely to find in common use are Marylebone (often pronounced marley-bone) and Worcestershire (Woostershear).
If you're in Oxford you'll hear Magdelene pronounced as Maudlin, and several other Oxford colleges appear to be confused as to how to spell their names.
I suspect its a device to enable poor people, and other outsiders, to feel stupid.

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"I suspect its a device to enable poor people, and other outsiders, to feel stupid." and to restrict the chinless ones to their limited gene pool.
Auchinleck, however, is pronounced Orc-in-leck, just to add to the confusion. Leicester is Lester, I have heard a number of variants from tourist seeking directions to Leicester Square Toob.

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How about 'Univers'?

I say 'you-ni-vair' or 'you-ni-vairz', which people I went to school with say, but I've heard others say 'universe'.

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Next up… how to order Seitan at a vegetarian resaurant without being rudely corrected.

Could it be… SATAN?

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There's a restaurant in Glendale called "My Dung".
Fittingly, it was shut down for a while last year due to a rat infestation.


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I'd think if you're going to pay "hommage" to Univers's French origins by dropping the "s" sound, wouldn't you also want to say "oo-ni-vair" rather than "you-ni-vair"?

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Pardon my German, but isn't Walbaum pronounced Valbum?

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"bowm" as is "ow!" or "ouch!"

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Well, maybe there are German dialects where it is pronounced Val-boom?
Clouseau would have rhymed it with "room" also.

In Mobile, Alabama, let's hope they get Eurostile right.

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Euros-tail, in old Nebiolo style ;-)

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