(x) Supreme Beings of Leisure - Nasalization Deluxe {Chesh}

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what about that

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Wait, did someone say free? It's your lucky day, Fernando!

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Way to go, Cheshire, you da man! I'm impressed every time you come up with these obscure internet-only freeware fonts. Jolly good job!

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thanx cheshire

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Yves, as obscure fonts go, this one sticks out because it's a font that was created from the old NASA logo.

I seem to recall that someone before Ray Larabie designed a pre-digital version of this font, because I think it was once available at least as rub-down type. (Maybe RL did the pre-digital version, too, though if Letraset had released it I don't think it would have been called Nasalization in the original.)

As a kid, I probably drew my own version of other letters in that same style. In fact, now that I think of it, Omni magazine used a very similar face, maybe even a modification of the same, for its banner, and that was waaaay before the Larabie Era:


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Well, of course. It's called Space. Duh.

Even so, the Omni logo was adapted from it.

However, with the M the way it is in Fernando's specimen, the original id of Nasalization is still correct.

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I'm sure Mr. Larabie wanted you to think so, too. Another in a long line of terrible puns filling in as names for fonts derived from famous inspirations. As a dedicated punster myself, I can only apologize for the punning community for such inflictions of pain. We're not very good at self-policing.

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Oh! NASA. I get it. I always pronounced it nasal-ization.
Wondered what the shnoz reference was.

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