a Homely, honest , reliable,


This is my first post on here!

I wondered if you knew of a typeface that represented these sort of values of a person:

honest, approachable, reliable, the original 'Mc'coy', and homely

I wondered if a serif typeface said 'stern' too much, so maybe a Sans Serif is more appropriate

By 'Original' I mean someone that has been about for years but is still among the best but maybe needing to be more modern

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That's what slabs are for. And if you want a less stern one, the serifs should be slanted. Here's something you might like that I was fortunate to be involved in:


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thankyou, slabs looks like a very good suggestion!

Do you know of any British Slab typefaces with a British history for example?

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I can only think of Joanna, but it's pretty archaic-looking.


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A British slab: FS Clerkenwell. And less British: FS Rufus (Did this one inspire Ernestine? It’s a bit similar, but less quirky.).

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It's possible Rufus was inspired from the same thing Ernestine was inspired from - an old German face called Industria (not that Industria) which can be seen here:


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Interesting, thanks. I wasn’t aware of Ernestine’s history.

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FS Clerkenwell looks nice, especially as it's British. Joanna could be a possibility.

I like the 'feminine yet rigid' aspect of the Ernestine, which is another aspect I was looking for which was to be feminine - not necessarily too feminine though

Rufus has a slight feminine look to it too which is nice

This font looks nice - not sure which it is though - has a feminine appearance to it.

http://oi46.tinypic.com/567tt.jpg (not sure how to link it on here)

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Picture service:

That's Museo Slab by dutch typedesigner Jos Buivenga.

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How about Maple from Process Type Foundry? It would seem to fit the brief, and if being British is a plus its starting point was an 19th-c. English typefounder's design.

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Thanks Renko!

Cooper Black looks a bit too retro and Saturday Morning Toast looks too Archaic, thanks though.

Maple is very nice - gives an alternative to the Serif style too.

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Is Clarendon too stern (or approaching over-use)?

How about Plume, which is somewhat like Museo Slab?


There is also Lexia from Dalton Maag but that might not have the qualities you want.


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