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Hello. I am looking for a serif that would have a diamond shaped period, like in the attached. No luck or knowledge. :(

Any thoughts/ suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks os much in advance!

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perhaps it's WTC Goudy

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Thanks so much.

I have just used Goudy Old Style, but the diamond shape of the dots of the E does not match the points found in the period. I would like them to match and wish not to alter the typeface manually.

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of course!
and even if you find a font you like, diamonds are easy to draw. would be simple to replace the round periods if the application is limited.

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Goudy Old Style CG ATT - from Agfa Corp seems closer.

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Thanks so much for your answers!
I can easily draw or outline and copy paste and am not the lazy kind. Was just wondering if there would be typefaces that would have it set with evenly shaped diamonds.

Have a good night!

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