Help identify this beautiful font

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Hi there,

I need to create a logo featuring the word "life" predominantly. I need something timeless that appeals to a predominantly female audience without alienating men, something that says "youthful, modern elegance" ideally in an ultra-bold weight.

The letters in "life" look almost the same in any font so I'm having to get quite creative. I'm curious to see what they look like in the font on the attached image. Can anyone help identify it or suggest something similar?

Thank you in advance everyone.

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If you want design feedback the ID section isn't the place...


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Thank you. Can you help identify the typeface in the attachment?

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Not sure.
This is great though:


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Agreed! It's the closes I've seen to it. Thank you. Would still love to find the original if anyone knows what it is.


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To me it's either Clarendon reworking almost all letters or Georgia italic backslanted (to get single storey /a and curved /i). My suggestions in the same vein: Sentinel (start from Black Italic, backslant it and it's almost done ;), Archer (slab serif with ball terminals)

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Thank you so much for helping this noobie out. I greatly appreciate the suggestions.


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