Edvard - the handwriting font of Edvard Munch

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Hello everyone!

This is my new release Edvard:

This font is based on the handwriting of Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. Using his many letters, drafts, note- and sketchbooks as reference (source: Archive of Edvard Munch's writings), this font characterizes the elegant yet sometimes quite irregular writing style Munch had. To resemble naturalistic writing and remain as authentic as possible, a combination of extended ligatures and alternates has been included, as well as Swash characters (accessible via open-type). Additionally, several of Munch‘s paintings and woodcuts are embedded as extras. Available at Fontspring and Myfonts.

More info and pictures on my site

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Nice work!

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Well done! Did you plan an alternate lower case |t|?

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sim, I included some |t| variations in the ligatures, so with OT ligatures turned on there are 12 or so different lower case t's. Most of them don't feature the cross stroke - it's just the way he wrote and I wanted to preserve that.

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Can I ask if you have permission from the Munch heirs? Some of these ‘woodcuts’ are seriously mangled. I was a bit surprised to see your Kafka font, since FF Mister K have gotten so much attention lately. A closer look reveals auto-tracing artifacts, yet they both Edvard and Kafka are much more normalized than the actual handwriting. Can you elaborate on how you made these?

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Frode, you don't need a permission to digitize a handwriting.
As for the working process, it's not much different than with any other handwritten font, and it's of course a personal decision how much you normalize the curves.

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I don’t know anything about the legalities, but I would think including his art is worth asking about. As for normalizing: just curious. I don’t necessarily think a particular method is ‘better’.

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Julia, there are different flavors of permission. A handwriting being a very personal thing, it's worth getting permission to avoid people being upset at you/society.


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Well I did of course ask the archive which stores the letters. Otherwise I wouldn't have released this font. With the permission for using the paintings/woodcuts, I wasn't sure who to contact, so I left that in a kind of limbo. But you're right of course, and I will look into it.

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