S.O.S. send to all FontForge specialist !

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First of all my english is very bad, so I'll do my best (I'm french...)

So what's the problem?

I have created a font on FontForge on a PC with Ubuntu, following all the instruction carefully.
I had a previous version of this font generated by FontForge wich work fine on Ubuntu and Windows, except some special glyph that I had not yet make.

So I've modified some glyphs and Generate it another time, but this work dosn't work !
When I open the .OTG or .TTF with the windows font overview, their is no more infos about the font creator, copyright, etc... And no more font visible. Their is just the type name - Ammobox -, but no more.

Notice that the font work perfectly on my ubuntu PC...

Have you ever had this problem?

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You should open an issue on https://github.com/fontforge/fontforge describing your problem with careful detail. This is where FontForge development is currently taking place.
Write it in French if that makes it easier for you. I'm sure somebody can understand you.

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I have try a post on Github, but until now nobody as reply. Any FontForge specialist here?

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I have posted my problem on many other forum, but nobody has reply me!

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Here's a suggestion that may or may not help:

1) Delete the windows fontcache and reboot. On my system (Window 7) it's this file:

- Herb

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HVB : (thanks for your reply!)

I've try it with CC cleaner, wich delete all temporary fonts files, but the problem persist.

In my opinion the problem is created before, because it the same when I preview the font on the USB key.

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CC Cleaner does NOT delete the font cache.

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Are you able to post the font files here or show us the metadata?

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vernon adams on Github as fixed the problem the problem. I have reply to im to now wich error as caused the problem.

I post it straight after is reply!

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