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A while ago I have finished yet another typographic world map. The project is heavily inspired by TypoMaps, the difference being that I set the country names in their official languages and scripts, and was being more accurate with all the small islands and independent territories (also I think I followed the actual borders more carefully). I will appreciate any comments, especially about how well non-latin/cyrillic/greek part (Arabic, in particular) matches the main font (Helvetica).

The JPG render of the map is attached, or you can download the EPS from my homepage (direct download link for the version with default size and colors).

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Cool idea. Could I see a zoom of Armenia? It's just east of Turkey. Actually it's the eastern 1/3 of Turkey but that's another story. :-)


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Here you go:

You can also download the EPS using the link in the main post and zoom whatever you want yourself :)

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Ah, sorry I wasn't paying attention.
FYI the Armenian text looks fine to me.

BTW how have you handled countries with multiple official scripts and/or languages?


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> how have you handled countries with multiple official scripts and/or languages?

By choosing the most used one from the list of official languages (according to Wiki and other sources), or, in case of a tie, the one in which the name looked most interesting. It was not exact science, I admit, but most of the times the choice was quite clear.

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It is like the cover of the book "Empires of the Word", subtitled "A Language History of the World", by Nicholas Ostler.

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WOW! That's amazing!


Really cool, love it! i wanted to use this image for the t shirt design I am working on, can I use it? the t shirt may be sold commercially later. what can I do to acquire the right to use this image?

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Very good! Thanks!

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I think this map would look particularly nice if the entire world adopted Arabic. Or maybe it's just that I particularly like your handling of the Arabian Peninsula.


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