1950's and 1960's cigarette poster typefaces

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I would like to know what specific typefaces were used on cigarette advertising posters back in the 1950's and 1960's.
I'm aware of particular styles from those decades but cannot pinpoint too many exact typefaces used.

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Can you post or link to any specific examples?

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Are you referring to ads such as this example: Lucky Strike Ad?

I found this article on wikipedia that might help: cigarette packaging.


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Spam? Do you mean my post or..?

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He's saying to the lindsayfox post is spam; her first post was a promotion of her site, which is a commercial site that's unrelated to typography.

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The Lucy Strike ad is most likely from before World War II -- you can tell by the green packaging. One of their ads early in WWII was "Lucky Strike Green has Gone to War" -- and they changed to a white package.

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For an assortment of cigarette advertisments from the 1950s check https://www.google.ca/search?q=cigarette+advertisements+players&tbm=isch...
Unfortunately the Google 1950s filter does not exclude ads from other decades so you have to check them one by one. When you find an ad from the collection that is indeed a 1950s ad you have a good chance of duplicating the fonts in it. Some of the word logos on major cigarettes, such as Marlboro, have been made into fonts. By the 1950s much of the display lettering in ads used fonts rather than being hand lettered as in earlier decades. If you do not recognize the fonts in a particular ad, I suggest you send a request, with the image, to the Font ID forum at http://typophile.com/typeid

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