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Strange S. What font is that??

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Looks sort of thickened and modified from Busorama bold. I'll see if I can find the actual font.

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It's possible that this is Bosanova, a Corel font which is said to be a Busorama equivalent. I can't find a sample, but "CORREIOS" is definitely some form of Busorama.

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e ai mello

busorama is very close, but it is too light.

the logo for Correios was designed (in late '60s
iirc) by architect/teacher Eduardo de Jesus
Rodrigues. i think he custom-designed this bolder
version of busorama for the logo, so probably it
isn't available as a actual font...
why don't you ask himself about this?


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Fala Eduardo!

In FAU-USP Library we can find the visual identity work for the Correios, by Eduardo de Jesus and Klara Kaiser, but their proposal used Helvetica or Univers, dont remember, and the colors were blue and green... the work stays at the BIG works section in the library (no fund

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