Beautifully crafted Flare typeface

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I'm looking for some typophile's advice on some beautiful flared typeface. I really enjoy Aviano Flare ( but I can't seem to find any similar typefaces that spark the same emotional feel as Aviano.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as I've been searching for a few days now. Thanks in advance!

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What about Luxury Platinum at House Industries?


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I do remember looking at Luxury Diamond. That's definitely one to consider. Thanks for jogging my memory for that one.

I'm looking more for a flared serif than sans - so something like Diamond would be better than Platinum.

I just hate when clients ask "something like Trajan"...

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Adobe Penumbra has a "serifness" axis (well, it used to be an axis).


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Going back further, there's Frutiger's Icone.

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Going back further, there’s Frutiger’s Icone.

And, an even more appropriate choice for jobbing typography, President:

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