Difference between "Euro-Currency Sign" and "Euro Sign"?

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what is the difference between the "Euro-Currency Sign" and "Euro Sign"? When is which one used? I live in Europe but never heard of the "Euro-Currency Sign" before. I just came across it here: http://alanwood.net/unicode/currency_symbols.html

Can someone enlighten me please?

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The 'Euro Currency Sign' preceded the Euro and was used to indicate the virtual European Currency Unit that was used in conversion rate calculations within the EU prior to the introduction of the Euro. When the latter was introduced with its official symbol, Unicode decided to give it a new codepoint rather than reusing the one that had been assigned to the virtual currency unit, to avoid possible confusion when dealing with older documents. The Euro Currency Sign character is effectively deprecated, since it is no longer in any regular use.

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Son of Sputnik!


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Thanks a lot, John!

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