Trying to identify wierd sans serif font

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Hi guys,
More than 15 years ago, I was fiddling around with a logotype for my cousin's company. I want to do some edits to the logo, but I can't seem to be able to ID the font and I have no further info on where to find it.
In spite of my recommendation, my cousin used the font at some point in time, to product body text in a brochure. It looks awful, but it might just be my life line, since I can provide you with sample text to cover almost the entire alphabet .
I am attaching it hereby, with thanks in advance for helping me out.

Best regards,

alp font CAPITALS.JPG204 KB
alp font.JPG237.92 KB
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I don't know if you need this as well, but The ALP RAIL Logotype uses Revue by Adobe, Linotype, and others.
- Herb

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