opening credits to Pialat's l'enfance nue

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Which font is used in this opening credit to Maurice Pialat's L'enfance nue ?
Thank you very much for your help, much appreciated!

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Jan, any idea of the story behind Incised 901 Roman? Looks so much like Antique Olive, I stopped to wonder.

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Bitstream released a lot of fonts of well known designs under new names. All were drawn from scratch and may differ slightly from “original” versions. You’ll find them often when choosing alternate versions at MyFonts.

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Jan is correct. Needless to say this upset a great many designers, and reduced Bitstream's moral standing. To their credit however they ended up regretting it and during an ATypI conference some years ago publicly apologized and announced that they would no longer stoop so low. I fondly remember being one of the first audience members to start applauding - I was impressed and proud. May that be a positive moral precedent for everyone.


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thank you both. i saw both, and both are commercial, so i was checking on which would be the better to refer to the id seeker. jan beat me to it anyhow, but now i'm more educated.

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