Need help identifying font

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I have been trying to identify the name of the font used in this image. It looks similar to Klunk Bold and also Xirod but it's not an identical match. If anyone knows what the name of this font is I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks!

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i think you have it already... Xirod, in all lowercase with a manual skew to get the italicized appearance.

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The T A and D are different. I can flip the A to get a similar look but I can't manipulate the T and D. I think it's another font.

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Xirod Regular from

and Xirod from

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Ahh...that was the issue. I was using the font titled Xirod. After installing Xirod Regular it worked perfectly adding a little skew to the letters. Thank you so much! I really do appreciate your help with this. Have a great weekend!

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Do note however that the skew is ruining the look of the letters. Ideally you'd need to go in and fix the resultant distortions.


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