Barcelona Typeface

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Wondering if anyone can identify this typeface from a video.

Has hints of Basque lettering, but I can't place it.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

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Sorry, don't know this one. Most probably a custom job for the occasion. You best chance is probably to directly contact the designer(s) behind this video and ask them.
If you need alternatives, some previous related discussions:,,,
Unfortunately, don't know this one. As usual, looks like it has been started from Futura. Some suggestions: Diamonds, Evolette A, Lightyears, many ones at TenDollarFonts (TWOFACED, Echelon, Rathe, Parqa, Fonecian, Finding 57, Harf 77, Labieno, Positano, Marina, Alumia...)
More inspiration: I Am So Tired With Your Experimental Sans

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Thanks for the suggestions. I managed to track it down here:

Has some interesting elements.

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