An Oriental Typeface

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the idea is from Chinese traditional pattern that is used in traditional architecture and furniture always.

my typoface.pdf (9.7 k)

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here is the jpg file.jpg

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Jiawei, when you get an error message when posting here, it means its posted. Jus go to Topics and then to Critique and you will see your name as the most recent posting. It works, I promise.

How are you going to use your typeface design? If its going to be anything but display sizes or in print I'm afraid the subtitle details will fill in and be lost. Try to always think of the end use of your designs.

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Good question!I was thinking about it.My propose of this typeface is for display, and show the feature of my typography. If it is used in design,it should be rule a minimal size.I am going to post the rest of my typeface later. Thank you.

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the patterns are here.

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it used in Achitecture.

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Also it was used in furniture decoration.

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you can see it in dishes too.

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here are new letters.

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the rest of letters

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another piece

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I think the 'visual logic' of the Chinese 'broken square line' style, if I can call it that, requires some treatment of the ends of the strokes. For example, if you look at the bottom of the small side table you posted, they have squarish 'feet' that break the straight line of the leg.

The ends of the strokes here look 'naked' to me, and call for something like the treatment of the feet of the table, to be consistent with the style.

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Hello william:
That's good point. But I also want my typoface basicly is simple and modern style with some Chinese features. I was thinking about treatment of the end. It is a little bit complicated.


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very original. I don't care much for numeral 9. it needs more curves.

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Would you consider this a bitmap or simply display? I moved the thread to DISPLAY, but if it is bitmap I'll move it again.

The idea is interesting and a clever used of that detail. Are you working on the rest of the alphabet?

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