Recommendations for a serif typeface for body text to go with images from 1890s

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I'm working on a book project that involves images from the 1890s/early 1900s like the attached. I'm looking for a serif typeface (either from that period or another) to use as body text and haven't found anything I love yet.

Any recommendations?

Thanks very much!

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Thanks Nick. Where did you hear about this typeface? :)

Is it related to Bodoni somehow? At a fairly quick glance it seems similar just with taller and wider serifs.

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You can read about it in this PDF specimen.

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Thanks Nick. Do you have a hard copy of this you could send me? I tried printing it out so I could see how the typeface prints but nothing printed. If so I'll send my e-mail.



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No worries about sending me a PDF. Was able to get it to print.

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