Stockimages for presentation.

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I have a question for you guys, I came around this site with a lot of nice pictures that you could buy to use for presenting for an example an corporate identity. There where everything from white boxes to stacks of business cards etc, that you could add your design on to. It was proper photos rather that the generic vector stuff you find on shutterstock etc.


Many thanks!

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Photos of blank business cards, brochures, etc. can be found at many stock photo sites. For example, at if I search for "business cards blank" I find numerous images similar to this:

If you've got Photoshop you can easily take a business card mockup and apply it to the stock photo . Open the stock photo, then in a new layer add your card mockup, and then distort your card mockup to fit the photo's perspective by selecting the mockup and then Edit > Transform > Distort and drag the mockup's corners until they align with the card in the stock photo.

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One day I will realize my dream of releasing a set of whitespace clip art...


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