Recommendations for a serif typeface for body text to go with images from 1890s

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I'm working on a book project that involves images like the attached from the 1890s/early 1900s and haven't found anything I love yet.

Any recommendations?

Thanks very much.

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Nice variety of pix.
Ronaldson is one of the better designed body fonts from the late 19th century and would give an appropriate and distinctive character to your book. Get the Canada type digital version. Most body fonts from the era are not very pleasing to modern eyes. They display poorly because of uneven color distribution and seem washed out because of the light weight, or are hard to read because they are small point sizes of Didone and other Modern fonts in which the hairline portions of the strokes are almost invisible. Century is an alternative to Ronaldson. It lacks the 19th century flavor, but was developed for Century Magazine in the 1890s and is the first text font designed with the precision and better readability that we find in 20th century text fonts.
Hope this is of some use to your project.

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Thanks for the suggestions Don! I appreciate it.

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