Can anyone identify these chunky fonts?

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3. Trajikk
4. Brauerei-Ausschank

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1. probably custom
2. based on some Transformers movie fan font
3. probably custom
4. probably not available as a font.

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1. REID SPEED: Slant customized
2. ARMORED: Transrobotics (confirmed as "Transrobotica" here)
3. TRAJIKK: don't know this one, may be customized from some obscur techy freebie. SciFi section at DaFont (Sea Dog 2001...) is full of this kind of font.

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Thank you very much Ryuk, youre a god

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Armored isnt Slant though

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ok i am sorry i got it
Transbotics for ARMORED and Slant for REID.
Thanks Again :)

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