chocolat blanc

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Chocolat Blanc? What is this typeface? Please help!!! :(

Pierre-Marcolini-tablette-de-chocolat-blanc.JPG73.51 KB
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I like Goldenbook but I don't think that's the one mainly because of /T and /A crossbar.

EDIT: closer look here and here. More samples and letters here. Reminds me of Trajan (/N missing top left serif /N, /M slopping verticals) but that's clearly not it. Some more I like: Minerva Antiqua, Orpheus.

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you could always ask the source:

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You guys are unbelievable!!!!!
And yes; I could have asked the source. Duh for me, why have I not even think about it!?


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Surprising that nobody has come up with the answer. Serifs are clearly not my specialty but, with such a /Q, faux small-caps and the rest set in Engravers Gothic/Blair, I really doubt a bespoke typeface has been drawn especially for this occasion.

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