Updated uranges.dat file for FontLab

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To help with a project I'm currently working on I created a uranges.dat file which is somewhat more up-to-date than the one included with FontLab. To save others from some some rather mindless and laborious typing I thought I'd upload it here. I make no guarantees that it is complete -- just that it is more complete than the one which is included with FontLab. I also make no guarantees that it is 100% error free.

To use, just change the extension from .txt to .dat (the .txt sufffix was necessary to to overcome forum rules on attachments) and place it in ~Library/Application Support/FontLab/Data.

I assume this will also work for PCs, but have no idea where it needs to be stored on a PC.


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Very nice! Thank you.


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Thank you both!

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Yes, thanks from me also.

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