Grey Sans

Please check out my first font release, Grey Sans!

Grey Sans is a contemporary sans with an angular design. Routed in both modern geometry and historical handwriting, Grey Sans bridges the gaps of neutrality and warmth, precision and humanism, and serious and fun. Grey Sans covers the grey areas of typeface design.

Available at:
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Thank you.

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Catharsis's picture

I like that |a|!

Some of the kerning strikes me as off, though. The |ve| in posters 6 and 7 collide, and the |xt| in poster 8 feel too wide, for instance.

I also find the tail on the |q| rather jarring. Are you offering a stylistic alternate?

jason vandenberg's picture

thanks catharsis.
I investigated the kerning, and the ve was over zealous typesetting, thanks.
no stylistic alternates just yet, as this is my first release.


Chris Keegan's picture

There are some nice details here that I really like. Very nice for a first typeface, congratulations.

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