Lovely Day for a Guinness typeface

Hello Typophile.

Can anyone help me identify what typeface 'Lovely day for a" is set in?

Thank you much, experts.

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Possibly Gills Sans with a custom G?

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Already tried to identify it with no success:

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Humanist 521 - Bold & Condensed. For "G" I really dunno at this moment... Perhaps Candara font.

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This is one of a series of posters done by artist John Gilroy for Guinness in the 1930s and 40s. Like many color posters of that era, this one was probably hand-lettered. My eyes aren't as keen as they used to be, but I believe the two lowercase a's are slightly different. The artist was clearly using Gill Sans (1926) as a model. (This poster predates Candara by nearly half a century, and Humanist 521 is Bitstream's brand name for Gill Sans.)

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