Google font bug when it vectorized

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Hi everybody,

I draw a logo with a Google font because my client want the same typo on his website and on his logo.
So I use "Coustard" :

But when I vectorize it with illustrator, it's completly deformed... as you can see in attached file.
I never saw it.

Do you know a copy of coustard or an other solution to vectorize a typo ?
Do you understand what's the problem ?

Thank for your support

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Yes, the problem is that you are using Typophile to advertise other web sites, also called «spam».

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It's a true question, not a spam.
If I can make 2 jobs in the same time it's a way to win some time.

1/ I solve the problem for the logo of 1 client
2/ I create a backlink for another client

It's profitable.
I don't think it should be a problem. Is it ?

Somebody has an idea for my vectorization ?

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I looked at the font and there are only three of the caps (D, I, T) that are distorting. Your best bet if you are in a hurry is to outline the words you need and fix the outlines.

As to why it is happening, I don't have an answer. The outlines look OK to me although the person that made the font got the vertical metrics settings wrong. Notify Google and ask them to fix it.

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Some people say you can't complain if it's free. But if it helps Google/Adams fix a problem, complain away! :-) And other people -rightly- say there's no such thing as a free lunch...

As for Jens's complaint: it is in fact in poor taste to advertise something unrelated.


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"I don't think it should be a problem. Is it ?"

Yes, because it has absolutely nothing to do with the question.

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He mentions his employer in his signature; that is not intended as spam.

It is a serious problem if fonts don't outline correctly, but in the case of Coustard, it is much less of a problem, since that is a free font. Hence, one's service bureau can be given a copy. In the case of commercial fonts, to obey the license and have it printed, one has to turn the document into outlines so that the font need not be embedded or given to the service bureau doing the printer - and so a metrics bug like that in a commercial font turns the licensing into a fatal obstacle to printing documents.

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Are you literally talking about vectorizing as opposed to converting to outlines?

If that is the case, the problem is not with the font but the vectorization settings.

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It's also possible that the font outlines aren't closed…

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"He mentions his employer in his signature; that is not intended as spam."

Sure it is. As admitted by the OP:

"I create a backlink for another client"

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Also... "It's profitable."

+1 point for honesty.
-10 points for spamming.

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Hold on, fellas.

Do we really want to set a precedent of endorsing spam that piggy-backs on somewhat relevant topics?

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As a lowly spam slayer, I'd nuke the spam keep the relevant topic. The relevant topic is good for business and frying spam is just good fun. Send the member a warning, then put the member on a spam watch and track their posts. Any further spam ...nuke the member's account.


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I've emailed vern about this :)

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Blimey! Caught leaving a url signature on typofight.

Like all fonts auto-instructed by an early version of ttfautohint, the outlines get hosed when being turned into outlines in certain OSX Adobe apps. Same would happen to output with the instructed TTF's via certain postscript printer drivers. Wasn't a feature to restrict non-web use (nice idea tho!), but a bug. Got fixed, but there's still a few fonts that have slipped the net. Coustard was 're-hinted' some time ago, but maybe not yet updated on certain font servers. Updated version available from vernnobile on github. Won't leave a url, just in case :)

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Strange values but thanks

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Hi everybody,

Thank you very much vernon adams : Best typophile. It's perfect now.

It's not a 5p@m, it's the solution !

Thanks for the other relevant answers :
oldnick : Good idea but it was closed
russellm : I don't know the word in english, certainly "outline". the shortcut in AI is ctrl+shift+o.
quadibloc and hrant : I agree with you about free font, I was not complain just search any solutions near to specialist community.
George Thomas : I saw yhe same as you, with the C more, but vernon adams find the solution.

For Admins
I receive you eMail : it's ok.
But you offered the possibility to spam very easily :

Link to content with some text ...


Allowed HTML tags: ...


Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.

I'm sure that the 2 first lines are very usefull for a "footprint"...

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So now you know that the Easy Thing and the Right Thing are rarely the same thing.

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Fanneau is right. The problem is with the auto markups that the typophile system forces. Either automatically hyper linked ( email adresses are 'spam' or they're a feature of the typophile posting system. Can't be both, surely?
Ironically Té is also right, typophile have made something wrongly easy.

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