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Any ideas on the fonts used for 'Tanqueray' in pic 1 and 'Engler' in pic 2'?

Thank You!

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Engravers Gothic for TANQUERAY.

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Amazing the number of IDs recently for Engraver’s Gothic or something close!

Nick, ENGLER is too small for a definitive ID, just eyeballing it it could even be Copperplate although we can’t see the serifs.

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Engler identity has been designed Eight Hour Day Studio (try asking, they may answer). Thanks to a better sample, again, another "Blair/Engravers Gothic/Sackers" candidate. Some suggestions: Zeppelin 41 (/N is not pointy, /R a bit off), Luxury Gold (pointy /N but /R a bit off too), Aviano Sans (pointy /N but /G top finial cut vertical and /R off), Presicav (/N not pointy), Biondi Sans (/N not pointy but nice /R), Halogen (/N not pointy), Idlewid, Capline Solid (probably the closest, matching all visible specifications)

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